Lucky Continues to Live Up to His Name

Cat and friendOne thing we’ve discovered, since moving to Vancouver Island, and in particular, the Cowichan Valley,  is that nearly every family or business has a beloved pet or two, revered like children, and well known to the broader community.  I don’t walk into my physiotherapist’s office without being hugged, patted, and generally assailed by Molly, her darling dog.

Everyone has stories about their critters and nearly every friend and page on Facebook keeps us up to date on these.

Here, at Seasons Above the Bay, our guests have been quite well entertained by the antics of Lucky, the wonder cat.  Lucky was born nearly 11 years ago, and from his earliest days, he’s been a model of patience and lovability. He is a clown, with our guests, particularly during the good weather, when everyone is dining outside, on the patio.

CatHe loves nothing more than to lie flat on his back, his 4 paws reaching for the sky while he stares at you, upside down and backwards.  Like most dogs, he is a total sucker for a belly rub.  I  say ‘dogs’, because we have long realized that Lucky is our ‘dog-cat’, while his brother, Alfredo, is pure feline.

Lucky has an inborn instinct to look after others, and has always been particularly good with little kids.  He is to this day.  And so, it came as a pretty big shock this week to discover that Lucky has developed very serious diabetes.

Out of the blue, we realized that he was losing a great deal of weight.  We told ourselves that it was because we had switched up his cat food to a ‘senior cat’ type, which he obviously was not loving.  But then, his water dish began to be frequently empty.  And though his spirits still seemed good, we realized that we needed to get some answers.

We were pretty shocked and horrified;  Lucky requires 2 injections of insulin a day, and, of course, a completely different diet.


We’ve had a few days to get over the shock, and begin to figure this thing out.  Jim and I work as a team, trying to keep both kitties separated, while we feed Lucky his new food, obviously abhorrent to him, while simultaneously jabbing him with a needle.  Meanwhile, Alfredo is desperate to sort out what the heck is wrong with everybody, and when and what it is safe for him to eat.  But we’re getting there.  We’ll figure it out.

Meanwhile, it’s hard not to be super reflective about just how much Lucky means to us; how really important he is in our lives.  Lucky’s peaceful, generous nature has provided us with so much comfort and assurance over such a long period of time.  We each expect a personal visit and serious schmooze with him, at least twice a day.

There will be head butting, smooching of foreheads and hugs.  He’s great at all of those things.

We can’t help but think, now, that time is precious for all of us.  Love is nothing to be taken for granted.  It’s a gift, whenever and from wherever it comes.  So for us, this week, the gift has been just to be reminded of that.

And, hopefully, lots more years of antics and love among the ‘furry set’.

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  1. Oh Bev, how utterly stressful!! I can’t even imagine what you guys are going through there with this news. We’ve got two furry little cat people in a house they own that we are allowed to stay in as long as certain conditions are constantly met. We totally understand how these little balls of fur become important parts of our families and we wish you, Jim, Lucky and Alfredo the best of wishes.

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