We are situated one street up and above “Cow Bay”, an easy walk both to and from the village. Our guests never need to take their car, either to shop or to dine. This means that they can enjoy a bottle of wine with their meal, knowing that home is a short, relaxing walk away.

The village of Cowichan Bay is a tourist attraction in the summer because of its cozy fishing-village feel.

Cowichan Bay

The community began a transformation in 2004 when Jonathan Knight opened True Grain Bread, a European-inspired bakery at the centre of the seaside village. His organic breads and pretzels and a focus on local and sustainable business practices quickly made a name for the bakery and the community.

We are lucky to have other wonderful businesses such as:

  • Radway Studios, an organic clothing store
  • Hilary’s Cheese, a lovely bistro, featuring excellent cuisine, cheeses and wines, and music on the weekends
  • Morning Mist Ice Cream, an old-style homemade ice-cream parlour
  • The Masthead, an upscale restaurant that serves delicious local foods
  • Mudworks, a pottery shop run by a local artisan
  • Many other eateries and boutiques

Cowichan Bay offers visitors a chance to see impressive wildlife through kayak tours and rentals, and through whale watching tours. Depending on the time of year it is not uncommon to see bald eagles, seals, herons or other wildlife in the area.

Cowichan Bay

In addition to the beautiful scenery, tourists are attracted by the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere this fishing village has to offer.

Cowichan Bay

In July 2009, Cowichan Bay had the privilege of becoming Canada and North America’s first Cittaslow community – a real slow food area – and is gaining international recognition for its local charm, cuisine and quality of life.

Once Upon a Day… Cowichan

Good music, creative arts, an inclusive and diverse community that thrives on fresh food and delights in the stunning scenery which is a daily four seasons backdrop to life in The Cowichan – that is what inspired this short film.

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